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Aahaar Kranti Launch by Dr. Harsh Vardan, Honorable Minister, Government of India, Health and Family Welfare , Science and Technology, Earth Sciences on April 13, 2021

Aahaar Kranti is a movement to raise awareness of the importance of nutritionally balanced diet in India. It’s an effort to rouse the people to the value of our traditional diet, to the healing powers of local fruits and vegetables, and to the miracles of a balanced diet. While Aahaar Kranti is starting in India, it sets a model for the entire emerging world to follow and establishes India as a विश्वगुरु.


Aahaar Kranti – Need of the day

Nutrition is at the heart of many things in our lives. It is required from our genesis all the way till our last breath. Thousands of studies have linked the importance of nutrition for better health and longevity across all ages.

It is a major factor in the growth of children and helps develop superior cognitive skills in early years leading to better performance and outcomes through all phases of their lives.

Better Nutrition holds the key to many health and societal challenges. We have the unique advantage of having the knowledge of Ayurveda. It is time to apply this rich knowledge of Ayurveda based nutrition to practice.

We need to renew our focus on nutritionally balanced diets – उत्तम एवं संतुलित आहार –replete in locally sourced fruits and vegetables. We need to train our teachers, and through them the multitudes of our students, and through them their families.

We got several beautiful entries for the Aahaar Kranti Digital Champ competition from all over the world from children of all age groups. It was very difficult for us to choose from so many entries. We have selected these two entries to be showcased on aahaarkranti.org. Our kudos to all the kids for their creative work and enthusiasm.

Aahaar Kranti needs to happen across the food value chain from producers to consumers. GIST will be supporting the revolution across these verticals




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