Any Aahaar comes from the land. Its seemingly never-ending fertility is the source of all that feeds the hundreds of crores in Indian and around the world. In India farming also employs two in five. No Kranti can be complete without a solution for India’s farmers.

The Aahaar Kranti also aims to bring in better agricultural practices in India with a focus on higher value-added crops, downstream food processing for domestic and international markets, and economic welfare of farmers. While at the same time, providing for better nutrition to generations of Indians. There are multiple approaches to this aspiration

  • Growing better crops
  • Spreading scientific knowledge
  • Urban agriculture

Growing Better Crops

GIST Team Members are working with farmers on the ground to pilot the cultivation of high protein paddy, which will have twice the amount of nutritional protein than the average varieties of rice.

A project has already begun in Bihar. The plan is to sell the produce as seeds to other farmers so that this miracle multiplies 100-fold.

Spreading Scientific Knowledge

It is surprising that in this age of internet connectivity, 85% mobile penetration in India and presence of eminent institutes of agricultural research, sometimes the right information does not reach the person in time. GIST is working towards identifying the amazing grassroot work in developing the right tools and knowledge repositories.

For example, a team at IIT Hyderabad has developed a simple yes/no tree to identify common problems in Cotton, Paddy and other crops. The tool is available in English and Kannada for now, over web, android and iOS platforms. After entering the symptoms in a simple yes/ no format the farmer can immediately get the recommendation for remedies right away.