Raising Awareness

First stage in Aahaar Kranti is to raise awareness in society starting with school children on how nutrition links to their well-being and on making choices for better nutrition. So they can choose to make every meal nutritious and balanced. It will be done, primarily, by reaching to them through their schools with physical apparatus such as charts, mats and flash cards focusing on 200 Fruits and Vegetables readily available in India. For Urban and Semi-urban areas with digital connectivity, this will be supplemented by digital platforms such as websites and apps. Aaahar Kranti material is in English, currently, but soon will be available in regional language to widen the reach and impact of the Awareness campaign. Further actions will involve engaging wider society via governmental bodies, influential people and NGOs.

How can you support Aahaar Kranti?

  • I can engage NGOs, schools and Aanganwadis in my locality to participate in Aahaar Kranti
  • I can sponsor Aahaar Kranti kits for my local schools and Aanganwadis
  • I can help develop digital, social media content for the campaign
  • I can help spread the word on social media
  • I can translate awareness material in my native language
  • I can help lobby with GOs and NGOs for this cause

Making nutritional food available, affordable and appealing

As the awareness campaign succeeds there will be an increasing demand for nutritional, accessible and affordable food. This must be met with locally produced and sourced food. Local farming and distribution communities are to be encouraged to participate in the nutritional food market. We must work with local and regional governing bodies to support the markets with policies, rules and regulations to help function them smoothly. Additionally, healthy food preparation and consumption practices that retain nutrition and make the foods enjoyable/tasty are necessary. Also, eating local, nutritional food to become a matter of satisfaction, happiness and pride in society, it will need to be promoted by people of influence from all walks of life

How can you support Aahaar Kranti?

  • I can actively demand and purchase nutritional foods at the local market
  • I can produce/encourage production of nutritional food
  • I can help in distribution of nutritional food
  • I can engage in public discussion promoting local market for nutritional foods
  • I can use my position of influence to help promote nutritional foods via social and digital media

How can we support you? Please engage with the community on social media:

Making Nutritional Aahaar the new Normal

Aahar Kranti will eventually require better agricultural practices focusing on production of a variety of high-nutrition foods in an organic and sustainable way, moving away from current focus on producing commercial, calorie intensive grains, to meet the growing demand of nutritional foods. Aahaar Kranti will eventually need the message of उत्तम आहार, उत्तम विचार needs to become commonplace in each family conversation, every school curriculum, agendas of NGOs, and policies of local, regional and central governing bodies. Once a generation grows with this message to adulthood, the Aahaar Kranti will become successful.

How can you support Aahaar Kranti?

  • I can continue to be a champion of nutritional foods in my own house, locality and society
  • I support local markets selling nutritional foods
  • I continue to lobby policy makers to embed nutrition in their policies
  • I support and promote sustainable agricultural practices at local and national level