The Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC):

Advanced Knowledge and RUralTechnology Implementation (AKRUTI)

BARC is a premier multidisciplinary Research and Development (R&D) Centre under the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India, engaged in research to generate knowledge and techniques for nuclear power production, the advancement of nuclear science, use of radioisotopes in industry, health, and agriculture, research in frontier areas of science and technology.

R&D in Nuclear Energy at BARC has not only generated a comprehensive Indian Nuclear Power Program but also has led to colossal knowledge wealth in terms of a large number of Non-Power Applications (NPAs) and spin-off technologies (Spin-offs) for societal and industrial benefits. Under the framework of the DAE Societal initiative, based on the development of NPAs and Spin-offs in medical, food preservation, waste management, other industrial and rural applications at BARC, a structured program has been evolved for Advanced Knowledge and RUralTechnology Implementation (AKRUTI). Under the AKRUTI program, entrepreneurs have deployed NPAs and Spin-offs and developed techno-preneurship in rural areas. With the addition of four technologies, AKRUTI Technology Package is renamed as AKRUTI Technology Plus in June 2020. It is now increasing and widening the opportunities for entrepreneurship. This addition will provide participation of more people, thereby contributing to GDP through the bottom up development model.

BARC, under the AKRUTI program, presently offers the following Technologies/ Consultancy in the fields of BiodegradableWaste Processing, Water, Food, and Agriculture. Furthermore, Technologies will be added in the future


Potential areas of collaborations: Technology, rural development, engineering, biomedical engineering and many more

Point of contact: Smt. Smita Mule
Head, AKRUTI Technology Section(AKTS),
Knowledge Management Group Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
Trombay, Mumbai -400085

Phone: +91 22 25593896 with voice message facility. It is closed on Saturday, Sunday, and Gazetted holidays.

AKRUTI Programme, BARC